Robin Williams is at peace

Robin Williams was one of the kindest, most talented, funniest, most creative individuals to ever walk the earth. He was a ball of energy and light in an imperfect vessel. Now he has cast it off and all of that beautiful energy is truly free. He survived much and experienced more than most of us ever will – and as cliched as it sounds, brought joy to the world. A true loss.

This must be the origin of Python’s coconut shell horses (For serious Goon Show, Python heads only.)

And here I always assumed the coconut shell horses in Monty Python’s Holy Grail were original. I know the Pythons were hugely influenced by the Goons, so it’s probably safe to assume they “borrowed” this bit. Let’s just call it an homage and be done with it. (For those unable to sit through the show, start around 15:15.)

Also in this show: Max Geldray . He played jazz chromatic harmonica on The Goon Show. A great player I’ve always wanted to know more about.