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Studs Terkel Interviews Hunter S. Thompson (Audio) – Great Talk

Studs interviews Hunter


Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman
Click on pic to go to Ralph’s site. Pretty cool.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson

Excerpt from the Wikipedia entry:

“Released by Margaritaville Records and Island Records in 1996, on the 25th anniversary of the book’s original publishing. It features the voice talents of Harry Dean Stanton as the narrator/an older Hunter S. Thompson, Jim Jarmusch as Raoul Duke, and Maury Chaykin as Dr. Gonzo, with Jimmy Buffett, Joan Cusack, Buck Henry and Harry Shearer in minor roles. Unlike most audiobooks, sound effects, period-appropriate music and album-like sound mixing are used extensively, to give it the surreal feeling characteristic of the book. Quotes from Thompson himself bookend the album.

The album is presumably out-of-print, due to its relative rarity, but is sought after by fans for its high production values and faithfulness to the book’s tone. It can be found on sites like Amazon and eBay. Excerpts of it were included in the Criterion Collection release of the movie.”

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