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PLUTOCRACY Political Repression In The U.S.A. (2015)


Abby Martin interviews Chris Hedges on American myths, war, and revolt [Video]

Black Panther Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself [#Ferguson][Video]

Black Panther Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself [#Ferguson][Video]

Capitalism and Slavery: An interview with Greg Grandin

“Along the way we learn how capitalism, slavery, and competing notions of freedom have been historically related; how doctors used slaves in early experiments with vaccination; how the slave trade was the chrysalis out of which came modern tort law and financial instruments; that Islam spread among slaves and became the basis for a number of slave revolts; that ships were floating tyrannies and seal hunters barbarians of a special sort; and much more.” “What follows is an interview, edited and condensed, that Jacobin contributor Alex Gourevitch conducted with Grandin, a professor of history at New York University.”
– Read interview at Jacobin Magazine

Rum and coca cola

Calypso on Trial

Rum and Coca Cola Wikipedia entry

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