Ornette Coleman: “I’m in love with eternity…I don’t care about how many changes that goes on, as long as it keeps going on.”

“This is what I really would love to have in my music: presence. You know, as long as I can live. I mean I don’t care about nothing I played yesterday if I can go home right now and write some music that, is a presence. You know? That’s why they have machines, you know, so, if you want the past, there’s a machine that’s got the past. Right there, you know…which I think is very good, you know; so therefore, that means we as human beings can be in the present.”

Lou Reed – I Never Said I Was Nice (Live 1976)

Intro Jam – Sweet Jane – I Believe In Love – Lisa Says – Kicks – She’s My Best Friend – I’m Waiting For The Man – Sheltered Life – The Kids – Claim To Fame – Vicious Circle – Walk On The Wild Side – Coney Island Baby – Rock And Roll Heart – Charley’s Girl – Kill Your Sons – Satellite Of Love – How Do You Think It Feels? – You Were It So Well – Temporary Thing – Ladies Pay – Heroin – Sister Ray

absolute positive swingin’ in 1951

Charlie Parker, Diz and co.

Diz was cool personified. A master of music and friendship, a leader of bands of men. A smile that said, I am in on the big joke baby, I am in on the sadness – but I will play the gladness – I will make the groove and play in it…

Charlie Parker could improvise endlessly – that is creative genius – ideas and ideas on ideas – ideas for his whole life – and all of it was tasty, in the pocket, never off – and you had to jump! – but no, not  just a volcanic eruption of  creativity – it was focused, a hot laser on your soul, burning you up…

and so…

Here is Jack (and Steve) with a kind of ode, paean, a valediction really, to for and about Charlie Parker:

I believe it is from his masterwork, Mexico City Blues…

The Ladies Sing Jazz

wow. almost 2 1/2 hours of some of the greatest women jazz singers of all time – and there are too many greats backing them up to start naming them. this is cool, it’s all just straight clips culled from live performances. no voice-over, just classic performances.


Billie Holiday’s haunting version of Strange Fruit appears here . The history of the song might surprise you:

Click this for the story of Strange Fruit on Wikipedia