“The world hangs on a thin thread,” says Jung, “and that is the psyche of man.”

This was seen on the Open Culture website.


The Living Dead: Three films about the power of the past

I. The Living Dead, E1: On the Desperate Edge of Now



The delusions of the right-wing english represented here have much to teach americans about their own demented ideologies. There are clips in this film that perfectly describe the mentality driving different groups in the u.s. For example, it is easy to see what one might call the “militia mentality,” i.e., self-appointed right-wing racist groups who have guns and foresee that it might be necessary to “defend” “their” country. Of course, in the u.s. they speak about defending themselves against the government. In fact, the only action they would or could ever take would be to attack the left, allowing the corporate elite to continue oppressing the majority of the population.

Love Adam Curtis, but again he removes emphasis from the responsible parties. The corporations and capitalists who funded the AI research and decimated the working class (which caused the unrest the Thatcherites were afraid of). The romanticizing of colonialism was just a psychological justification of the rule of the elites and the consolidation of capital through the exploitation of other people.