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PLUTOCRACY Political Repression In The U.S.A. (2015)


Days of Revolt: Letting Go of the World * Hedges & Fox * TeleSUR [Video]

Chris Hedges “Wages of Rebellion”

Prof Jeff Halper’s @ University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

Professor Jeff Halper offers a chilling thesis on the failure of the peace talks and the place of Israel as an international player in the security and military weapons industry

Trouble in Paradise – Slavoj Žižek on the protests in Turkey and Greece

Click here to read the article. I guess we’re essentially on the same page, because he makes some of the exact arguments I’ve articulated in this blog.

“The Democracy Project: A History, A Crisis, A Movement” – David Graeber interviewed by Thomas Frank

Click anywhere above to go to site and then click “Watch”

The End of the Beginning of the End


click above to go to article at truthout.org

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