“…more & more individuals & groups are now considered excess, consigned to zones of abandonment, surveillance & incarceration.” – Giroux

“What has emerged in this new historical conjuncture is an intensification of the practice of disposability in which more and more individuals and groups are now considered excess, consigned to zones of abandonment, surveillance and incarceration.”
– Henry A. Giroux

Web Reading List #7 [9-20-2013]

TPP in the USA Is Why We Occupy
“Final” TPP Round Not Final: Are Even More Secretive Talks Ahead?
US super-rich hit new wealth record five years after financial crisis
Employment Inequality: Job Gap Between Rich And Poor Widest On Record
Top 1% Getting 95% of Income Gains: Is Washington Responsible?
This is a complete list of Wall Street CEOs prosecuted for their role in the financial crisis
Hundreds of Wall Street Execs Went to Prison During the Last Fraud-Fueled Bank Crisis
If you think you know what ‘debt’ is, read on

Cornel West talks to Norm Stamper, Stanley Aronowitz, and Remembering Birmingham (podcast)

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Web Reading List #4 [9-11-2013]

Economic Update: Your Weekly Dose of Revolutionary Economics (Audio)

Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling 4,000 Kids As Young As 10 Years Old To Prison System For $1.2 million
Tomgram: Nick Turse, AFRICOM’s Gigantic “Small Footprint”
Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran
Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, according to analysis of scores of scientific studies stretching back over decades
Bradley Manning and the Gangster State
New Snowden Leak Reports ‘Groundbreaking’ NSA Crypto-Cracking
If you care about education, we would like to encourage you to stop.

Web Reading List #1 [9-11-2013]

The Last Chance to Stop the NDAA
Why the NDAA is Unconstitutional
The NDAA Makes It Harder to Fight Terrorism
ACLU’s NDAA page
The 1 Percent Have Won 95 Percent Of The Recovery, So Let’s Cut Food Stamps!
Low-paid Germans mind rich-poor gap as elections approach
This chart shows why $270 billion in housing aid hasn’t solved homelessness
THE LUCKY COUNTRY: Index Shows Australians Need To Work Least To Buy A Big Mac

John Nichols and Robert McChesney: Progressives Ask for Too Little, Not Too Much in Age of Plutocratic Rule

“One of biggest messages is that most of what people who discuss media policy focus on – cable news, right-wing talk radio, blogging and social media – misses the elephant in the room. Local television news programs remain dramatically influential. And, for the most part, they are dramatically damaging to the discourse. They actual warp the popular understanding of what matters so that people think the weather and crime, for instance, are more important than economic policy and public health. We don’t deny the need to know whether it’s going to rain tomorrow, and we respect that there are stories of crime patterns that really do need to be covered. But local news programs are so skewed toward simplicity and sensationalism that perspectives are warped.”

“If there is an essential point to our book – beyond exposing the extent of the current crisis – it is to suggest that the failure of progressives in recent decades has not been that they have asked for too much. It is that they have asked for too little. Polling tells us that Americans are deeply frustrated with politics as usual, with media as usual. We respect that frustration and propose an alternative that embraces the most powerful tools afforded us by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Tom Paine.”

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The Violence of Organized Forgetting by Henry Giroux


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“Since the late1970s, there has been an intensification in the United States, Canada and Europe of neoliberal modes of governance, ideology and policies – a historical period in which the foundations for democratic public spheres have been dismantled. Schools, public radio, the media and other critical cultural apparatuses have been under siege, viewed as dangerous to a market-driven society that considers critical thought, dialogue, and civic engagement a threat to its basic values, ideologies, and structures of power. This was the beginning of an historical era in which the discourse of democracy, public values, and the common good came crashing to the ground. Margaret Thatcher in Britain and soon after Ronald Reagan in the United States – both hard-line advocates of market fundamentalism – announced that there was no such thing as society and that government was the problem not the solution. Democracy and the political process were all but sacrificed to the power of corporations and the emerging financial service industries, just as hope was appropriated as an advertisement for a whitewashed world in which the capacity of culture to critique oppressive social practices was greatly diminished. Large social movements fragmented into isolated pockets of resistance mostly organized around a form of identity politics that largely ignored a much-needed conversation about the attack on the social and the broader issues affecting society such as the growing inequality in wealth, power and income.

What is particularly new is the way in which young people have been increasingly denied a significant place in an already weakened social contract and the degree to which they are absent from how many countries now define the future. Youth are no longer the place where society reveals its dreams. Instead, youth are becoming the site of society’s nightmares. Within neoliberal narratives, youth are mostly defined as a consumer market, a drain on the economy, or stand for trouble.”

The Pushback Against Privatization Across the Country

“The decades-long effort to privatize public services and assets is hitting some bumps, with state and local governments reconsidering whether for-profit companies should be allowed to indiscriminately profit off of taxpayer dollars with limited accountability.”

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While this article is overly optimistic, at least it’s something. We’ve got a long long way to go…

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