Who Is Destroying Public Education and the Lives of Chilldren?

Diane Ravitch's blog

I received this letter from a teacher. She speaks fearlessly and is not afraid to publish her name. She must have tenure. In many states, she would be fired instantly for writing what she believes to be true. We live in a time of lies and distractions. Listen to the experts, those who work with children every day. Our poilcymakers–few of whom have ever worked in a school–don’t trust teachers, don’t listen to teachers. They are ruining the lives of children and calling themselves “reformers.” They are clueless and shameless. Listen to the teachers. Listen to the principals. Listen to those who work with children every day.

Dear Ms. Ravitch,

I wrote this early this morning. I write letters each night because I am unwilling to watch public education be decimated without speaking up on behalf of my present and future students, as well as my four school-age children. I…

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