Three documentaries of note

Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

“The Winding Stream” opens today at the Elinor Bunin Theater at Lincoln Center. Simply put, it is the greatest documentary about musicians I have ever seen. The title of the film is a song made famous by the Carter Family, the subject of the film. But more broadly, it is about the great folk tradition of the Appalachian Mountains. In a period of deepening hatred and violence, watching a group of musicians expressing what is truly great about the USA is reason enough to put this film on your calendar. If there is anything civilized about this festering wound of a nation, it is that it produced musicians like the Carter Family.

Do not disturb my waking dream
The splendor of that winding stream
Flower in my canoe, his eyes they looked me through
That someone there with golden hair
Is very much like you

My knowledge of the Carter…

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