Tom Cahill: The 5 Famous Billionaires Who Are Dismantling Public Education

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tom Cahill describes the five famous billionaires who are intent on dismantling public education, especially public education for African American children.

He writes that “The charter school movement is particularly insidious, as it’s essentially a form of institutionalized racism veiled in altruism.”

They call themselves “reformers,” but in fact they are destroying a vital democratic institution.

The process, he says, begins with Common Core standards that disregard all individual or local differences. That is followed by high-stakes testing that fails most students.

Finally, schools are labeled as “failing” due to the lopsided evaluation process, and privately-run charters are forced onto inner-city populations, paving the way for the privatization of public education in predominantly black and latino communities. (Actually, the “failing schools” narrative was launched prior to Common Core. Arne Duncan started closing public schools in Chicago when he was Superintendent. NCLB prescribed school-closings as an antidote to low scores. Low…

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