absolute positive swingin’ in 1951

Charlie Parker, Diz and co.

Diz was cool personified. A master of music and friendship, a leader of bands of men. A smile that said, I am in on the big joke baby, I am in on the sadness – but I will play the gladness – I will make the groove and play in it…

Charlie Parker could improvise endlessly – that is creative genius – ideas and ideas on ideas – ideas for his whole life – and all of it was tasty, in the pocket, never off – and you had to jump! – but no, not  just a volcanic eruption of  creativity – it was focused, a hot laser on your soul, burning you up…

and so…

Here is Jack (and Steve) with a kind of ode, paean, a valediction really, to for and about Charlie Parker:

I believe it is from his masterwork, Mexico City Blues…

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